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"In John Gardner's novel The Return of Moriarty, Moran is stated to have taken temporary charge of Moriarty’s organization while The Professor was away from London following the events at the Reichenbach Falls (which are explained as never having happened as Watson [and later Holmes] described them). The events leading up to and of “The Empty House” are told from Moran’s point of view. Naturally, The Professor is not pleased to hear of Moran’s actions and arrest, and has Moran poisoned while in police custody to prevent him from talking.

haha, man

it’s so not true, man

Moriarty would never do it with his Tiger

so go fuck yourself with your non-canon 

Lord Moran is not Sebastian Moran. It is more than likely that Sebastian has not been shown yet and that Lord Moran is Sebastian's father.

okay, but why Wikipedia considers that it was Sebastian showed in “The Empty Hearse”?
also I read somewhere that Gattis is not interested in showing Moran in the series because he thinks that the character is not interesting enough
but thank you for that information c:
Has anybody seen it or i’m the first? So we had Moran like a stupid dude from parlament who hadn’t enough brains to not be catched by Sherlock. Not strong and intelligent man, like it is for real. Let’s not forget that Moran is almost as clever as Moriatry; or anyway not very stupid. He knows Jim’s business and he’s not so silly like that one which was in 3.01
Also they gave “many traits of Moran” to Mary. This bloody Mary! Oh, I hate this stupid bitch. Sorry not sorry. And there it is…
They just humiliated my Tiger. 

p.s. I live in Russia so I’m very sorry for my terrible English as for the English is not my mother language. I hope you forgive me for every foolish mistake I made.

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The oh Jack is saying something interesting-stance dance

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